Managed Services – Proactive IT

Traditional IT Service is reactive – a problem occurs, it becomes business affecting, and you call for help.  While you wait for help, productivity slumps, business suffers and you wonder if this is going to be a minor repair or a protracted and costly failure.

You can minimize risk, mitigate downtime, and avoid unexpected costly outages by engaging Canaan Technology to provide you Managed IT Services.

Proactive Management

  • Predictive Monitoring of Hardware Assets such as CPUs, Hard Drives, Memory, Network Adapters, and Power Supplies
  • Verify critical services are operating as intended
  • Network Connectivity (LAN and WAN) Throughput and Latency Monitoring
  • Data Backup Validation and Restore Exercises
  • Policy based Antivirus/Anti-malware Protection on all devices
  • Standardized Operating System builds to ensure uniformity and dependability

Network Administration

  • Internet Security and Gateway Protection
  • Geo IP Filtering to block connections to or from Geographic Locations
  • Content and Keyword Filtering
  • Password Policies and Enforcement
  • Remote Device Lock down and Wipe

Technical Support

  • An easy to reach, single point of contact by Phone or Email
  • Remote Access / Screen Sharing
  • Help desk Ticketing with historical view, so you always know the status of your request

Strategic Planning

  • End of Life / Product Life-cycle planning
  • Trusted Adviser as your business evolves
  • IT Budgeting and Costing