Canaan Technology specializes in serving the needs of small-to-medium size businesses (SMB’s) and Private Residences. You will know your technician’s name, phone number and email address. He or she will be clean cut, polite, and personable.

Small Businesses

We are a Small Business too, and understand you don’t want to pay a full-time salary for part time work. When you partner with Canaan Technology you have access to Computer, Network, and Telephone System Experts in a matter of minutes (or less if you put us in your speed-dialer).

We won’t put you on “perma-hold” or “research” a problem until you forget why you called. We will “own” your problem and see it through to resolution. If you “stump” us, we will kick it up to another level — even if it means calling in help from others in our industry.

Private Residences

Nothing’s more frustrating than being in the comfort of your home and finding your Internet Connection is down, the printer claims there’s a printer jam when you know there is none, or you can’t make a phone call. We understand you “just want it to work” and offer round-the-clock service.

We answer our phones and respond to email well after 5PM.